Gevonden Hanepoot

Goudini Wines - South Africa

Goudini Wines is proud to announce our new special edition Gevonden, Single Vineyard Wine, from, according to tradition, the oldest still producing Hanepoot Vines in South Africa and now bottled as a numbered collector’s item.


SINCE 1882


GEVONDEN is situated at the foot of the Du Toitskloof Mountains in the Breedekloof Wine Valley. Gevonden was established in 1746 by a cattle farmer named Jonas van der Poel. Van der Poel settled on the land after he came across it whilst searching for stray cattle. He proclaimed: "Ekt hebt mijn beeste gevonden" and named the farm GEVONDEN.

Hendrik Christoffel de WetIn 1829 the land was bought by Hendrik Christoffel de Wet who’s fifth generation descendants are still upholding the proud De Wet tradition at GEVONDEN. Hendrik Christoffel’s great grandson, Jakobus Hendrik Stofberg de Wet and his wife Joey de Wet only had five daughters and no son to, according to tradition, inherit the farm. The sixth generation, although De Wet descendants, will see a name change from De Wet to Boonzaaier.

300 year old farmhouse

The HENDRIK DE WET CAPE HANEPOOT, planted in front of the approximately 300 year old farmhouse & Japonica tree, is distilled from grapes harvested from the first vines planted at GEVONDEN, according to historical accounts in 1882 by Jacobus HENDRIK Stofberg DE WET and listed for the first time in 1900 by KWV.   The Hanepoot was made in the cellar on the farm until 1948 when Gevonden was one of the "founder-members" of the first co-op cellar in the Rawsonville/Goudini area named Goudini Wine Cellar.


Hendrik Myburgh, the Winemaker’s comment is as follows:
A light straw colour, full bodied, rich yet gentle. A floral bouquet comes through on the nose with typical raisiny sweetness and an intense flavour on the pallet. Additional bottle maturation will give excellent results.

For the limited availability of the vines, Bottles was numbered. The first 220 bottles of every vintage will be kept in the old cellar on the farm to mature.

Taste & Enjoy the exceptional goodness of the Gevonden Vintage Vineyard Hanepoot at Goudini Wines in Rawsonville, South Africa.

What sets the 1882 Hanepoot apart is that, because it comes from an old vineyard providing an exceptionally low yield, the grapes are naturally higher in flavour concentration.

Old Vines - Gevonden