Harvest time 2013

Goudini Wines - South Africa

Our winemakers recall highlights and challenges

Goudini Winemakers





 Contrary to our experience, the ripening of the grapes took longer this year.  Because of the relatively late season, the volume of grapes received by the cellar during the early part of the harvest was rather low. We consequently had extra time, not only to prepare the cellar for the winemaking process, but also to thoroughly plan and focus our attention on the making of high quality wines. Our Sauvignon blanc and Semillon wines especially, surprised us all with fine-developed tropical characters and a charmingly rich palate.

To process a large harvest is a challenge in its own. This year, when great volumes of grapes had ripened simultaneously and were ready for delivery at once, the cellar experienced a few exceptionally hectic days! The breakdown of our Thermovinification equipment (amongst us known as the “flash”) furthermore required extraordinary organisation, but due to the quick and fine footwork of the cellar-master and his winemaking team, as well as our dedicated maintenance team, this immense breakdown delayed the receiving of red grapes for one week only. We were shocked to witness the great amount of damage that steam can do to steel... The repair of the “flash” revealed true Superheroes whose uninterrupted hard work had the equipment fixed within a few days. We are grateful to Swartland Cellars for invaluable assistance. Furthermore were our producers prepared to harvest extra-long hours to, following the setback, get the winemaking processes on schedule again.

Despite such challenges, Goudini’s team succeeded in keeping up the pace and having all processes run smoothly. This was the second year in a row where we could start the cellar-equipment on Monday mornings and turn it off on Friday afternoons.

We are very pleased with the quality of 2013’s grapes and are delighted by the wines prepared thereof. Wine buyers had already selected their wines early after the harvest and our work in the cellar now typically involve the blending and stabilization of wines. The process of delivering to local clients, as well as exporting to clients abroad is already underway.

Goudini Cellar is grateful for a blessed harvest time marked by excellent grapes, brilliant teamwork and the absence of serious accidents. We thank everyone who collaborated in making this wine-season an outstanding one.

(Thermovinification = a process by which color and tannin extraction are facilitated by the heating of grapes prior to fermentation).